Enjoy a wide range of beauty from general maintenance and feel good treatments to relaxing massages and facials all under one roof. Our highly trained therapists are available six days a week to keep you looking and feeling fabulous.


Our trained beauty therapists understand that the removal of unwanted hair at home can sometimes be a risky task. Allow them to take away the risk in a relaxed, clean, and comfortable private room. Using only high grade sensitive wax and beauty products you will leave hair free and feeling fabulous.

BIKINI +£14purchase Lyrica online
Intimate waxing of the bikini area, outside of the knicker line.
BIKINI PLUS +£18purchase Lyrica online
Intimate waxing of the bikini area, just inside of the knicker line.
BRAZILIAN +£25purchase Lyrica online
Intimate waxing of the bikini area leaving a strip.
HOLLYWOOD +£25purchase Lyrica online
Intimate waxing of the bikini area with removal of all hair.
Lash& BROW

Our wide range of lash and brow services are great for general maintenance to a full on glamorous look for those nights out or important holiday pamper sessions. Our fully trained therapists offer a free one to one consultation to help decide which will best suit your needs. By using our Lash and Brow service we can add another dimension to your look. Designer Brows allow a defined shape and colour to be created using our tinting and waxing techniques. We are also able to offer brow tidy, brow tint and eyelash tinting separately, if you would just like to shape your brows or add colour to your eyelashes.

BROW TIDY£8 - £10purchase Lyrica online
BROW RE-SHAPE£12 - £15purchase Lyrica online
DESIGNER BROWS +£18purchase Lyrica online
The perfect way to define and enhance your face. Measure and tint then wax, pluck or threading for perfectly shaped and beautiful brows.
BROW TINT£10purchase Lyrica online
LASH TINT£12purchase Lyrica online

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LVL LASH LIFT +£38purchase Lyrica online
LVL Lash Lift - adds length, volume and lift to natural lashes. no mascara, no extensions 40 minute treatment with low maintenance. Patch test required
CLUSTER LASHES +£18purchase Lyrica online
Cluster Lashes - also known as `party lashes’ an ideal short term lash extension for a weekend and is quick to apply to your natural lashes.
STRIP LASHES£10purchase Lyrica online
EXPRESS +£30purchase Lyrica online
Our team at Vanity can help create a glamorous look,for your eyelashes for the perfect weekend away or girl’s night out. Created using one of 3 methods, either cluster lashes, strip lashes or,single lashes our express lashes can last between,1 day to 2 weeks. Can’t decide which lash is right for you? We,recommend a consultation with our Lash Specialist which will include a,skin test (Needed at least 48 hours prior to treatment), using our,expertise we will ensure you leave with stunning eyes!
LASH REMOVAL£10 - £20purchase Lyrica online

Using our manicure services, our beauty therapists will leave you feeling relaxed and with hands and nails that look pampered, smart, and healthy. With a range of manicures for you to choose from we have something to suit everyone. Our mini manicure range includes file, shape, cuticle work and polish, but why not treat yourself to our luxury or deluxe manicure which can include a hand massage and hand treatment. With all our manicures, you have the option to add Gel polish. This will ensure your nails look their best for up to two weeks. With a full range of colours, we have something for everyone.

A Mini manicure starts with cuticle work and file and shape of the nails. Choose from a O.P.I Polish, French or Gelish Polish and we finish with a nourishing cuticle oil.

POLISH£30purchase Lyrica online
FRENCH£18purchase Lyrica online
GEL£22 - £25purchase Lyrica online

A Luxury manicure starts the same as a mini manicure with cuticle and nail work and polish with the addition of a hand soak in warm scented water. We then apply a Skintruth hand exfoliating orange blossom and rosemary scented scrub to help remove any dead skin and promote skin health. A Skintruth orange blossom and rosemary scented mask is then applied to leave your hands feeling perfectly soft, smooth and hydrated. We finish the treatment with a moisturising hand massage to improve circulation and joint movement then a nourishing cuticle oil.

POLISH£25purchase Lyrica online
FRENCH£28purchase Lyrica online
GEL£30 - £35purchase Lyrica online

A Deluxe manicure has all the benefits of a luxury manicure treatment but with the addition of our heated mitts with the Skintruth hand mask. You can then also choose from a paraffin wax or nourishing hot oil treatment. The paraffin wax treatment is great for anyone that suffers from arthritis or joint pain. It also removes dead skin and leaves you with healthier looking softer hands. A nourishing hot oil treatment is ideal if you suffer with any dry skin conditions or joint pain as it is massaged into your hands, arms and finger with a deep tissue massage.

POLISH£28purchase Lyrica online
FRENCH£35purchase Lyrica online
GEL£40purchase Lyrica online

Our pedicure service takes place in our special dedicated pedicure room where you will be treated to the comfort of our massage chair. Mini pedicures will include file, shape, cuticle work and polish but why not treat yourself to a deluxe or luxury pedicure. These specials will include a foot soak and massage and can also include a foot mask, which will leave your feet feeling soft and relaxed. With all our pedicures, you have the option to add Gel polish. This will ensure your toe nails look their best for up to two weeks, perfect for that two-week summer holiday. With a full range of colours, we have something for everyone.

A Mini pedicure starts with cuticle work and file and shape of the nails. Choose from a O.P.I polish, French or Gelish polish and we finish with a nourishing cuticle oil and refreshing foot spray.

POLISH£18purchase Lyrica online
FRENCH£20purchase Lyrica online
GEL£25 - £28purchase Lyrica online

A Luxury pedicure starts the same as a mini pedicure with the cuticle and nail work plus a polish but with the addition of a Skintruth peppermint and tea tree foot soak in our pedicure spa chair. We then remove any callus and hard skin then apply a Skintruth exfoliating scrub to deep cleanse your feet and remove any excess dead skin. We then apply a cooling Skintruth mask to hydrate your feet and leave them amazingly soft finishing with foot massage a nourishing cuticle oil.

POLISH£28purchase Lyrica online
FRENCH£30purchase Lyrica online
GEL£33 - £38purchase Lyrica online

A Deluxe pedicure has all the benefits of a luxury treatment but with the addition of the peppermint mask and heated booties and a deep foot,/leg/ankles massage.

POLISH£33purchase Lyrica online
FRENCH£38purchase Lyrica online
GEL£45purchase Lyrica online

Here at Vanity Lounge we are proud to be the first salon in Corby to be trained in the new Polygel system. We now offer Polygel as our only nail enhancement service. The Polygel process is lighter, stronger, and easy to apply than traditional Acrylic nails but does not compromise on the finished look. As with traditional nail technics we are also able to style into a number of shapes to suit your needs. As one of our newest types of treatments its exciting times here at Vanity.


Our Hand and Feet treatments are fantastic treatments in their own right, however can be a great add on to one of our other services. Our paraffin wax treatment has great skin nourishing properties, the heat of the product helps warm through the skin and into the bones making it a lovely service for people who may be suffering with arthritis. If you would like to soften and smooth your skin, then our hot oil treatment could be the perfect remedy to rejuvenate your skin.

PARAFFIN WAX +£12purchase Lyrica online
The warm paraffin treatment moisturizes your hands or feet for healthier looking, softer and younger skin. The heat therapy has many benefits including arthritis joint pain relief.
HOT OIL +£12purchase Lyrica online
A nourishing hot oil treatment is ideal if you suffer with any dry skin conditions or joint pain as it is massaged into your hands, arms and finger with a deep tissue massage
CALLUS PEEL +£10purchase Lyrica online
A fast safe treatment for dry heels removes calluses and rough skin resulting in softer revitalised feet.
GEL POLISH HANDS & FEET£40purchase Lyrica online
LUXURY GEL MANICURE & GEL PEDICURE£60purchase Lyrica online
GEL POLISH REMOVAL ONLY£10purchase Lyrica online
GEL POLISH NAIL FIX£3purchase Lyrica online

Microdermabrasion is a safe, controlled treatment that intensely exfoliates and resurfaces the skin. It is the leading skincare treatment in the UK for complete skin rejuvenation. By removing dead skin cells the treatment can leave your skin glowing and can reduced signs of ageing or target specific areas of scarring, sun damage and acne. Microdermabrasion is suitable for all skin types, our Beauty Therapists will assess your skin before and advise on the number of treatments you will need as we can all offer Microdermabrasion courses.

FACIAL (30 MINS)£45purchase Lyrica online
HANDS (20 MINS)£45purchase Lyrica online
BACK (30 MINS)£50purchase Lyrica online
COURSE OF 6 ANY AREA£210purchase Lyrica online
COURSE OF 10 ANY AREA£340purchase Lyrica online

There’s nothing quite like a facial to make you feel and look great. Our Beauty Therapist will assess your skin and choose which products will be perfect for your skin type. Our assortment of facials offers everything from a quick boost to something more intensive. We’ll cleanse, hydrate, and exfoliate, and you’ll leave feeling lighter and brighter and ready to face the world.

MINI (20 MINS)£18purchase Lyrica online
LUXURY (40 MINS)£28purchase Lyrica online
COLLAGEN (1 HR)£35purchase Lyrica online
MICRODERM (30 MINS)£45purchase Lyrica online
MICRODERM & COLLAGEN MASK (45 MINS)£55purchase Lyrica online

Let our beauty therapists take away the strain of daily life with our range of massages. Whether you are looking for a traditional Swedish full body massage or neck, back and shoulder massage, your therapist will be able to target specific areas and ease muscle tension or just help you to relax. We also offer a hot stone massage. Hot Stone massage therapy involves the use of smooth, flat, heated stones that are placed on specific points on your body. Your Beauty therapist may also hold the stones during the massage to apply heat. The heat and weight of the stones are used improve circulation and warm tense muscles, allowing your beauty therapist to apply deeper pressure.

FULL BODY (1 HR)£40purchase Lyrica online
BACK NECK & SHOULDER (30 MINS)£25purchase Lyrica online
LEG, FOOT & ANKLE (20 MINS)£20purchase Lyrica online
FULL BODY (1 HR)£45purchase Lyrica online
BACK NECK & SHOULDER (30 MINS)£28purchase Lyrica online
FULL BODY (1 HR)£55purchase Lyrica online
BACK NECK & SHOULDER (30 MINS)£35purchase Lyrica online
Body Scrubs

Our beauty therapists use our body scrubs to help you exfoliate your dead skin cells and feel invigorated and rejuvenated. They can also open your skin cells up and aid the absorption of body lotions and masks. This procedure is perfect as preparation for Weddings or holidays and can give you a fresh glow to your skin or is perfect as a preparation for other treatments. We also find that our body scrubs can help with dry and itchy skin and as with all our treatments can target specific areas or can be used on the whole body.

FULL BODY SCRUB£20purchase Lyrica online
FULL BODY SCRUB AND MASK£30purchase Lyrica online
BACK SCRUB£10purchase Lyrica online
BACK SCRUB & MASK£20purchase Lyrica online

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